Advanced Coalescing & Filtration Technology for Removal of Liquids and Solids from Gas Streams

Sepra-Chem Corporation has developed proprietary technology for removing entrained liquids, including liquid aerosols from natural gas using coalescing filtration.

Vessels used in this service are called "Coalescers." Sepra-Chem has an innovative approach based on the physical properties of the liquid removed and operating conditions. Natural gas components and liquid physical properties are used to calculate the energy level required to entrain liquid. The Sepra-Chem design assures this critical energy level is never exceeded within the Coalescer. Sepra-Chem Coalescers completely remove liquid and liquid wetted solids including iron sulfide preventing all downstream contamination.

(All Sepra-Chem Coalescers available with or without Integral Slug Chamber)


Coalescing Filtration protects your process...

  • Natural Gas Gathering & Compression

    Gathering Stations need compressor suction and discharge protection. Contactors and Sales Meters benefit from Coalescing protection.

  • Natural Gas Liquid Cryogenic Plants

    Sepra-Chem Coalescers protect Molecular Sieves, Amine Treaters, Glycol Contactors, Compressors and Sales Gas Meters.

  • LNG Facilities

    It’s important to achieve long bed life in the Molecular Sieves. Sepra-Chem has a proven track record of achieving multiyear bed life, as well as protecting Amine Contactors, Glycol Contactors and Compressors.

  • Ethane Crackers

    Inlet Feed Coalescers remove contaminants that can cause premature coking and reduce run time. Coalescers protecting Molecular Sieves will remove free liquids and aerosols providing a long bed life.

  • Power Plants

    Liquid aerosols must be removed prior to Turbine inlets.

  • Refineries

    Protection of many types of sensitive equipment: Amine Contractors, Compressors, Fuel Gas Burner Nozzles, Membranes and PSA processes.

What processes does Sepra-Chem protect?

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