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Sepra-Chem Corporation got its start in 1993 in the Coalescer "after market" by replacing existing Coalescers in plants not performing up to customer expectations. Customers needing to protect equipment such as Amine Contactors, Glycol Dehydrators, Molecular Sieve Dryer Beds, Reciprocating Compressors, Gas Turbines and Membranes have turned to Sepra-Chem Technology in increasing numbers to gain higher operating efficiencies. Our patented technology allows for designing gas Coalescers with 'zero carryover' of entrained liquids and solids—no visible evidence of liquid carryover is expected downstream of any Sepra-Chem Coalescer operating within its design parameters. With a Sepra-Chem Coalescer protecting your process equipment, unscheduled maintenance should not occur.

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